The Real Purpose of Love Pheromones

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The feelings of pheromone unity and certainty with a long – term partner. This is more so a product of the human brain.) You wouldn’t need me to suggest to you that romantic love is different from physical love/lust. It feels completely different. Have you ever felt that you could never do something in front of your lover or long time partner, but you could easily do it in front of a good looking stranger? This is because of these contradictions between the 3 different types of love that come from our 3 different brains. Inside all of us , at some point in time, we really desire a deeper connection with one human being. But for many of us, the thought – and of course, the REALITY of having this deep connection with one human pheromone being means we might miss out on the passion of lust and the even more powerful drive within us that is romantic love, over time. 
Every pheromone relationship has polarity and passion in the beginning. Yet so many women I know are so painfully aware of the inevitable fading of romantic passion at some point that they start worrying about it way before it even begins to lower in its intensity. Romantic love fades over time – for most of us. Though it can last. Which I will get to later on. So what happens for many of us women is, we want to have a family – we want children, eventually. So marriage and commitment is important to us. Yet, when you’re married and you have children, you then take on a lot of new responsibilities, and lust and physical love is on the backburner. The reason why these three types of love are in contradict ion to one another even though they ultimately serve the same purpose (to procreate and make sure we pass on our genes and successfully raise the incredibly vulnerable human infant) – is because each of these different mating drives (the three different ty pes of love) actually travel along different pathways in our different brains; and they travel down these paths using different biochemistry of sex pheromones. Each of these different types of love produce different behaviors in us, and they are each associated with differ enteuro – chemicals. Romantic love – is associated primarily with dopamine and to a lesser extent, nor epinephrine and serotonin. Physical love is associated mainly with testosterone in women and men. Attachment between a man and a woman are associated wit h the hormones oxytocin and vasopressin. Learn more about pheromones at and
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The Real Purpose of Love Pheromones 
Each different type of love we experience has its own purpose. So you cannot ignore one, or two or all of them. Each part of us, and each drive and desire within each one of us must be acknowledged, even though they contradict each other.

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